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Follow Our Design Process to your Dream Project


Step 1: The Discovery Call.  Everyone Starts Here!

Schedule a Discovery Call with our Lifestyle Designer, Jordan Victoria, to get the ball

rolling with your project. Whether you are looking for Full-Service design, you’re a DIY’er

or you don’t know where to start, Jordan will help you navigate the best steps in your

design project.  Jordan will explain what it’s like to work with us and how we can take

your space from a dream to reality envy with our talented design team and

exclusive Design Process.

Click the button below to take our lifestyle questionnaire and schedule your FREE call with Jordan. That's it! Amazing design made easy!


Step 2: The Consultation. This is always after the Discovery Call.

After your Discovery Call with us, we typically recommend a Design Consultation so

Jordan and our Design Team can get out there and lay eyes on your project.  We

approach the type of Consultation based on the scope of your project, so select the

one that best fits your project needs and we’ll be knocking at your door in no time!

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You'll get up to two hours {120 mins} at your home to discuss your entire home or as many spaces as you'd like.

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Kitchen or Bath Renovation

You want to renovate or redesign your whole kitchen or bathroom? Ready for a gut job or a BIG change? Let Jordan and her design team use their expertise to get you started!

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Kitchen or Bath Refresh

You want to refresh or update your kitchen or bathroom? You want to keep the existing layout and don't need new cabinetry, but you want to give your space a full on cosmetic makeover?

Step 3: After the Consultation, our Team will Propose a Design Service that’s Best for You

Not all design projects are created equally.  We believe that you have a choice when it comes to how your work with us.  Click the option to learn more about the level of Design Service.

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Atelier Jordan


Atelier Jordan White-Glove is our very best concierge design service we offer at Atelier Jordan. Our exclusive 3 Phase Design Process will take your space from a Dream to Reality Envy, while we plan and manage all aspects of your project from start to finish.

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Designer By Your Side

A professional by your side when you need us's more like having a creative design genius on call for you.  From recommendations on your floor plans to sourcing your final selections, fixtures and finishes, we assist you in achieving a cohesive look and well put together design. Gathering details about your design needs prior to the Discovery Call via our Questionnaire maximizes your time on the call.

Get Shit Done Desk.jpg

Designer For A Day

This service is perfect for you if you…need a designers eye to help you with a specific design problem in your home. You're purchasing furnishings and want to make sure you don't make any costly errors or mistakes.

  You have a renovation coming up, and your contractor advises you to select all finishes. You have no clue what goes together or how to pull it all together so that it makes sense, looks good, and works in in your space. Gathering details about your design needs prior to the Discovery Call via our Questionnaire maximizes your time on the call.

Interior eDesign Services 

You're ready to redesign your home and make it your own.  You'd love to benefit from Atelier Jordan design expertise, but you're not located in the Atlanta area.  Sound like you?  This completely virtual interior design option allows you to benefit from the expertise of a professional interior designer while keeping cost and time commitments low.  The best part?  It's all done remotely!  

Why choose eDesign?

1. It's available nationwide

eDesign is ideal for you if your home is located outside of Atlanta, GA but you would still like to take advantage of Atelier Jordan design expertise.

2. It's budget-friendly

eDesign doesn't require a large upfront investment.  Once your purchase the initial design service, you'll have a complete design plan ready to implement gradually as your budget permits.

3. No time constraints

eDesign allows you to execute your design scheme at your leisure and convenience.  Whether you have a hectic schedule or you would like to savor your decorating experience, you can feel free to carry out your design a comfortable pace.

eDesign: What to Expect

While our eDesign service works similarly to our other services, there are a few key differences:

1. Aside from the initial discovery call and virtual consultation, all communication is done electronically via our secure Studio Portal.

2. You will receive a full design plan electronically, complete with floor plans, suggested layouts, a color scheme, mood board, implementation guides, and shopping lists with clickable shopping links.

3. All products sourced in e-Design projects are available through online and local retailers. {For access to custom and trade-only sources, including sourcing and procurement consider the White-Glove eDesign packages}.

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